Article written by Tuesday Roberts

Our offices have never looked more beautiful!

QP Savills believes that flowers symbolise celebration and because there is so much to celebrate this year, we thought what could be a better way to show this than as our 2023 marketing campaign? We are a representation of the gorgeous environment we surround ourselves in, the increasing demand for property, the exceptional calibre of houses, our fabulous team, and of course, our super clientele. As we are so fortunate to share our celebration of success with you, we wanted to give something back and so hope that our displays make the Algarve even brighter than it already is.



We have decided to wrap our offices with the most idyllic blooming flowers, and beatified the Algarve with billboards, showcasing the most stunning florals. These flowers, which are bursting open, symbolise new beginnings and growth. QP Savills continues to flourish and prosper but as always, we are so incredibly grateful for the masses of support which has led us to become what we are today.

It has been such a pleasure to work with Julie for this campaign. When we asked her for a couple of words on her experience working together she said, “Working with QP Savills over the past couple of weeks has been such a rewarding career experience. Together, as a team, we have joined both creative and business minds, to produce what only can be described as an incredible display of local flowers. Over the past 5 years of growing my business, I have received excellent support from customers in Quinta do Lago and QP Savills is no exception. Allowing me the space to play with colour concepts, arrangements and choice of flowers has really pushed me to achieve something spectacular. I really hope you love the final products just as much as I do.” 


Our process was a very fun one, which can definitely be seen in the outcome of the photographs. We began to put together 4 different colour concepts and spoke about the integration and placement of each flower. Once decided, we then arranged a date for a photographer and hundreds of local and exquisite flowers to come together to capture the elegant vision we had in mind.



Taking the time to pick and choose our favourite photos, which successfully achieved the outcome we were after, was so much fun. We are so pleased with the final outcomes and hope you are too.



Our office displays have been designed with attention to detail and we welcome you to come and take pictures with them. If you so happen to spot one of our billboards, don’t forget to share your photos using the hashtag #qpsavillsflowers - we would love to see and post them on our social media platforms!

Below is a map of all the billboard locations. We wish you luck in finding them all.



If you would like to know more about our campaign or properties on our portfolio, please do get in touch. As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on our new campaign. | +351 289 396 073 

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