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At the heart of any property management service agreement, it is fundamental and necessary to ensure your investment is well cared for all year round. Your time spent here should be relaxing, to enjoy home ownership as planned. It also ensures that when the time comes to sell your property, it achieves the best valuation possible and distinguishes itself to potential buyers.

The vagaries of the Algarve seasons dictate that temperatures in summer can reach the low 40s and occasional winter nights below 5 degrees, whilst at times memorable Atlantic fronts bring torrential rain and storms. Such diversity can bring problems to any property regardless of its age or build quality.


Fortunately, there are many professional companies in the area to provide the basics of professional property management:

  • Weekly visits to ventilate and ensure the interior is dry, aired, clean and always in a good state of repair
  • Maintain gardens and pools
  • Pay utility bills and taxes
  • Supervise works and receive deliveries
  • Provide professional maid and laundry services when occupied and when not


But whether you are a permanent or non-permanent owner, leading property managers in the region offer their clients so much more when required:

  • 24/7 emergency service to owners, family members and rental guests, providing owners with a familiar voice in times of need – and bilingual to ensure a quick response to any situation
  • Knowledge of new technologies and solutions that modern home designs are incorporating and adopting as standard
  • Preferred supplier programmes to ensure professional services are offered at all times
  • Concierge services for golf, transportation and dining out, etc.
  • Childcare with bilingual and trusted personnel
  • For owners wishing to rent – control of the administration and paperwork to ensure tax and legal matters are in order
  • Introduction of your property to some of Europe's leading villa travel agents, to secure the highest rental yields and the most discerning guests to stay in your villa


To Rent or Not To Rent?

The rental demand has never been stronger and with this increasing demand and lucrative income potential, more property owners are putting their properties on the rental market. Often renting for just 4 to 6 weeks can cover annual running costs, so for many, the temptation is too great. The price range can vary from around EUR 2,500 per week for a 2-bedroom apartment to over EUR 25,000 per week for a high-end luxury villa.


How Safe Is It To Put Your Beautiful Property On The Rental Market?

The major concern for all villa owners is the well-being of their investment. The ideal situation is to find a property manager who can also act as your rental agent. It is essential for them to have a strong direct client database, so bookings via third party agencies with unknown clients can be avoided. This arrangement secures peace of mind that is crucial for the rental process to work for all parties.


Is It Worth Renting After Agent Commission & Taxes?

A good rental agent will suggest what the potential weekly rental price could be for your property. Usually this would include 20% agency commission as well as 6% VAT. Your NET figure will not change unless previously agreed discounts are offered for external factors (building works nearby, etc.). A stamp tax must be paid which is 10% of your monthly income. Say you earn EUR 60,000 in 2018, you can divide this figure by 12 months equalling EUR 5,000. The stamp tax is therefore EUR 500 per annum.
25% of your rental income is paid forward as a government retention tax as soon as the rental receipts are issued by your fiscal representative. From your EUR 60,000, EUR 15,000 will be retained – to be claimed back by presenting costs in your annual tax return. We have found that our owners have been receiving roughly 80% of this back.


Is The Bureaucracy Of Getting An AL License Worth The Hassle?

The acquisition of the AL license (Alojamento Local – the license required for short-term holiday rentals) has a reputation of being difficult to obtain. Let us put your mind at ease. A good agency will take this in hand for you. This AL license is supported by a rental contract between you, or the corporate structure which holds the property, and your property manager. Once your property manager has the license, they are responsible and liable for all rentals in your villa. Of course, there must be full understanding between owner and property manager, as the villa and its grounds must be kept in a high state of maintenance and fit for purpose.


Rental & Property Management Companies We Can Recommend:


Nicole Remus - Management Works!
T. +351 289 356 047
M. + 351 918 540 274
Rental website:

Nick Austin – EnQuinta
T. + 351 289 350 600

JES Property Management
T. + 351 289 394 711

Sunset Algarve
T. +351 289 397 282
+351 917 880 400



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