The Ascendance of Branded Residences in Today's Real Estate Market:

A Closer Look at Off-Plan vs. Regular resales



Here at QP Savills, we like to keep ourselves and our clients informed on the latest in the ever-evolving real estate market. A trend that has caught our eye and that we'd like to share with you is the concept of branded residences. These properties bear the distinct mark of renowned brands, blending luxury and lifestyle into a unique living experience. Simultaneously, buying off-plan, where you invest in a property before its completion, is gaining momentum as an alternative to traditional resales. Keep reading and we will delve into the significance of branded residences in today's real estate market and draw comparisons between purchasing off-plan and regular resales, exploring the intricacies of each approach.



Branded Residences: The Ultimate Statement of Luxury


Branded residences are, in essence, the epitome of luxury living. When a prestigious brand extends its expertise to the world of luxury real estate, it guarantees top-notch quality, exclusive amenities, and impeccable service. Whether it's a luxury hotel chain or a renowned fashion house, the brand's identity permeates every facet of the development, from architectural design and interior aesthetics to round-the-clock concierge services and an array of recreational facilities.


What sets branded residences apart is their global appeal. These properties are nothing short of international symbols of opulence, drawing the interest of potential buyers from around the world. Owning a residence with the stamp of a respected brand goes beyond mere property investment; it's a declaration of personal style and sophistication. Additionally, investing in branded residences can lead to significant appreciation over time. The association with a prestigious brand adds substantial value to the property (30% is the average price premium for branded residences), as per a Savills Research Report "Branded-Residences-2023", making it a highly lucrative investment. Even in turbulent market conditions, these properties tend to retain their appeal and value, presenting a stable investment option.


One such branded residence is voco® Formosa Park - Algarve, an example of luxury real estate and prime Algarve property. This development, exclusively sold by QP Savills, boasts a selection of fully furnished luxury apartments in a prime location between Quinta do Lago, and Vale do Lobo, overlooking Ancão Beach. The construction of this development is nearing its conclusion, offering an investment opportunity with various buying choices that include a guaranteed income option. If you would like to arrange a visit to see one of the show apartments or are interested in properties for sale in the Algarve please contact one of our Special Agents. 



voco® Formosa Park - Algarve
voco® Formosa Park - Algarve



Buying Off-Plan vs. Regular Resales: Weighing the Options


Now, let's explore the key differences between buying off-plan and opting for regular resales, considering the advantages of each approach.



Buying Off-Plan: Embracing the Future


1. Price Advantage: A primary advantage of buying off-plan is the potential for cost savings. Developers often entice buyers with special pricing and early-bird discounts to secure commitments before the property's completion. This can lead to substantial savings compared to purchasing a resale property at market value.


2. Customisation: When buying off-plan, buyers typically have the opportunity to customise certain aspects of their future home, such as finishes, fixtures, and layout. This level of personalisation is a rare gem that is seldom achievable with regular resales, allowing individuals to tailor their living spaces to their unique preferences.


3. Long-Term Value: Off-plan purchases present the potential for long-term value appreciation. As the property nears completion and the surrounding area develops, the value of the investment can increase. This makes off-plan buying an appealing option for investors seeking to capitalise on capital appreciation.



Regular Resales: Embracing the Present


1. Immediate Occupancy: One of the standout benefits of regular resales is the prospect of immediate occupancy. Once the sale is finalised, the buyer can swiftly move into the property without the waiting period associated with off-plan purchases. This is especially advantageous for those in need of housing without delay.


2. Established Community: Regular resale properties are often located in well-established neighbourhoods with existing infrastructure, amenities, and a strong sense of community. Buyers can thoroughly evaluate the neighbourhood and its suitability for their lifestyle before making a purchase decision.


3. Reduced Uncertainty: With regular resales, buyers can physically inspect the property they intend to purchase, mitigating uncertainty regarding its condition and potential issues. This diminishes the risk linked to off-plan purchases, where the final product may differ from initial expectations.



The Synergy of Branded Residences and Off-Plan Purchases


The convergence of branded residences and off-plan purchases offers a compelling investment opportunity. Buyers can leverage the prestige and long-term value potential of branded residences while benefiting from the advantages of off-plan buying. These benefits include early access to exclusive units, customisation opportunities, and competitive pricing. As developers recognise the demand for branded residences, more of these properties are being offered as off-plan investments, further enriching the real estate landscape.



In Conclusion


In today's real estate market, branded residences represent the pinnacle of luxury and exclusivity. They offer an exceptional lifestyle experience, investment potential, and the allure of owning a piece of a world-renowned brand. However, the choice between buying off-plan or opting for regular resales is not straightforward and involves unique advantages.


Buying off-plan provides cost savings, customisation opportunities, and the potential for long-term value appreciation. On the other hand, regular resales offer immediate occupancy, an established community, and reduced uncertainty.


The convergence of branded residences with off-plan purchases creates a niche segment in the real estate market, uniting prestige with investment opportunities. It's a testament to the continuously evolving nature of the real estate industry, offering an array of choices for buyers to explore and make informed decisions that align with their lifestyle and investment goals.



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