QP Talks with Sales Director, Jamie Robinson


What have you seen during the run-up to the end of Q1 2023 in the local markets?

The business has continued to be very strong considering the season, normally January and February are slower months but we have seen some great sales agreed over this period.

Demand is high, with a few newer nationalities “finding” Portugal and now, especially the Algarve. Including Americans and Canadians, who previously have been limited to the bigger cities of Porto and Lisbon.

What if any, are blockers to the business?

The main threat to the business is that we are continuing to see a lack of a quality portfolio for sale, and we are finding it hard to list enough property for the demand we are seeing.

We have a list of clients looking to fulfil their wish list when it comes down to their ideal property but many if they are not willing to wait are taking compromised just to secure a property for use now.

What is your outlook for the coming months?

We have seen no real markers yet for any slowdown in what we have seen year to date. Towards the end of 2022 with higher inflation and increasing interest, we saw a slight levelling off, with buyers sitting on their hands studying the markets more before acting. Now with the recent banking struggles and associated share sell-offs, we expect again to see this. But overall we continue to be positive, with our recent sales breaking values records here in Quinta do Lago, we cannot see an end to the buoyancy yet.

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